Helping businesses like yours reach their full potential
Helping businesses like yours reach their full potential

Contract vs. Full-Time CFO/Controller

During the economic downturn, when many clients experienced reduced revenues and bottom lines that could no longer justify a full-time employee, SMC played the role of part-time Controller/CFO. With entrepreneurial companies or companies in growth mode, this is often beneficial even when the economy is going strong.


SMC replaced the existing Controller at one multi-million dollar company, and assisted them in tripling revenue by designing profitable pricing models, analyzing overhead costs, designing and implementing an integrated financial and operational system, and streamlining accounting practices. While these major changes were being implemented and the businesses processes were more standardized, the company hired two full-time accountants whom SMC trained to manage the day-to-day operations of the business. Now the company is able to run mostly on their own, but they still have access to SMC's expertise. Whenever new issues surface or new products are considered, SMC can quickly ramp back up.


Many of those clients affected by the recession have returned to a position in which they now need a full-time CFO or Controller. Other firms continue to rely solely on SMC for those functions, preferring the convenience of the outsourced provider.

"I have worked with Sue for over five years in which she helped us grow and downsize. Sue provides a number of services for us and all with an extra degree of common sense, always professional and is truly mindful of what a small business owner needs both personal/business and a business/business front. Sue is a truly trusted partner and has been a major factor in my success and peace of mind.


- Brad Cole, Founder, Cole Partners, LLC and Brad Cole Music

"When I recently joined a multimillion dollar, Chicago-based company as the finance director, much of the controls, technology and back office operating procedures had already been put in place by Sue. Between that existing infrastructure and her incredible accessibility, my transition was seamless and the company was positioned to have its best year in recent memory (and it did, too). Sue is objective, resourceful and always has the company's best interest in mind."


- Brandon Gall, Finance Director

"Sue is a valuable resource for John R. Waters & Company. She provides part time CFO experience to small and emerging clients at a reasonable price."


- John R. Waters & Company, Business Partner

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