Helping businesses like yours reach their full potential
Helping businesses like yours reach their full potential

What Clients are Saying

"As the COO of a small business, I worked with SMC Consulting for more than ten years. Sue Mino's wide range of tactical skills and services were critical to accomplishing our day-to-day operational needs in a cost effective manner. Even more importantly, her guidance and insights on strategic issues helped to shape our management team's decisions and build our business. Her ability to lead and organize a wide range of assignments was critical; it would have been impossible to manage the demands of our business if we had needed to source a separate consultant for each new project. Now that I work for a larger firm, it's even more clear how her guidance aligned with a best practices approach that contributed to our success."


- Rian Akey, Cole Partners

Rian is just one of SMC Consulting's satisfied clients. How can we make an impact on your business? Click on the links to the left to see what we've done with other companies.

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