Helping businesses like yours reach their full potential
Helping businesses like yours reach their full potential

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Small and mid-sized business owners have a lot on their minds. Often, you’re expected to be more than the boss – you have to be the salesman, the designer, the janitor, the IT guru, the customer service agent – and still find time to take care of everything else that comes up in a day’s work. With that much going on already, the idea of ensuring the financial stability of your company can be a pretty daunting task.


If you have someone else on your team to take over the stressful tasks of financial management – analyzing financial statements and budgets, improving and implementing processes and preparing your company for future growth and profitability – you can focus on what's really important: running your business.

Over the years, SMC Consulting has earned a reputation for helping small and mid-sized business navigate the often-confusing landscape of their finances, by providing assistance with:


Finance and Accounting

Economic Planning & Implementation

Benefits Oversight


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